Christianity and Christian Churches in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China PR

Christian Churches in Dalian Liaoning Province China PR

0-Dalian City of Love

There is a fast growing community of non-Asian expats and visitors to Dalian City in Liaoning Province, China Peoples Republic. These guests to Dalian come from over 56 countries across the globe. They are here for various engagements, those on holidays are here for a few weeks, those on short contracts may be for 3-6 months; students and other expat workers and their families are here for over 12 months. Typical medical student is in Dalian for at least 6 years including vacations. One thing they all share in common is a great need to have a real connection to a community.

The establishments including – the universities, the companies, factories, schools and churches in Dalian and surrounding areas are yet to wake up to this single yearning of the visitors in their midst. To find a place of worship is now costing some visitors to Dalian more than 3 hours of travel each week. For some of these visitors it’s almost a days engagement for what many in the West and Africa take for granted. In Nigeria and Europe, one church called RCCG is committed to three simple goals. One of them is that anyone who wants to go to church on Sunday doesn’t need to travel more than ten minutes if using a local transport. Some churches are good venues for these visitors to build expat community ties and learn how to adjust themselves to the life in Dalian. Some churches are better at doing this than others. Some of the churches have not woken up to this single responsibility Jesus Christ commanded all His followers: “If you welcome any of these in my name, you’ve done it for me”. Christians all over the world are commanded to be their brothers and their sisters keepers. This commandment cuts across all doctrinal preferences and denominational divides. It’s all about giving “a glass of water” to a thirsty visitor to this great country.


Being religious or not, the idea of going to church or a place of Christian worship; can bring a visitor in a foreign land the familiar taste of home and a feeling of belonging. It’s part of the meeting man’s basic psychological needs. Without meeting these needs, many of the aspirations these visitors have in coming to China may not be fulfilled without “wahala”. This is why we feel led by the Lord Jesus Christ to dedicate this blog-site to simplify the process through presenting you with the key facts on a fast changing landscape that is turning Dalian into an international city. On these pages you’ll read about the churches in Dalian City and beyond. We hope to blog on what’s happening on the ground and eye-witness accounts, from these churches that may be of interest to visitors to Dalian.

What differentiates this blog from church websites or what other parts of the press and Internet media write about churches in China are these:

– We report result of surveys or interviews conducted to establish the needs of these visitors to Dalian. From the “static spiritual menu” served in some of the churches we visited, we are dumbfounded at the spiritual and physical diets being served in these churches in Dalian by way of narrow minded programs; some of the churches are now exploiting this growing need of their visitors and now turning themselves into a ‘cult’ which only serves the narrow interests of the church leadership. As reporting evangelists, our main interest is to serve our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. If these churches really want to care for their guests, they better sit up and begin to take these survey reports seriously. Each church should at least have “Opinion Boxes”, clearly marked for this purpose to take into account the needs of expats and visitors to Dalian; following the example of 1st century church in Jerusalem.

– We are pro-active in recommending churches without traces of “cult- or over-shepherding tendencies” and make prayerful suggestion on the kind of church government, weekly programs, events, church leadership structures, ministry leadership training, mission engagement opportunities, worship style, personal development in discipleship from the cradle to the grave and possible internship programs, employment opportunities, Business tourism guides, multiple skills training, multicultural education and other support systems for our precious visitors to Dalian and beyond. These programs would give you a taste of what joining these churches will yield, so you are informed on how to take care before you commit yourself or make the mistake of being brainwashed into a cult who are only interested in your tithes and offerings.

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List of Churches in Dalian City:

1. Yuguang Street Church – Protestant
2. Dalian Catholic Church – Catholic
3. Xinggong Street Church – Korean
4. Beijing Street Church – Lutheran
5. Fengshou Road Church – Populace
6. Dalian ICF 30F Youhao – Korean


1. Yuguang Street Church

1. Yuguang Street Church - Protestant

Dalian Yuguang Street Church is a Protestant church. It is the former Dalian Anglican Church (Chinese: Dalian Shenggonghui Jiaotang 大连圣公会教堂) built by the Church of England and the Anglican-Episcopal Church of Japan in 1928. The church building is a historical protected building in Dalian today.
Chinese name: Yuguangjie Libaitang (玉光街礼拜堂)
Location: 2, Yuguang Street, Zhongshan district, Dalian
Transportation: take bus No.532 or 533 and get off at Yuguangjie (Yuguang Street).


2. Dalian Catholic Church – Roman Catholic

2. Dalian Catholic Church - Roman Catholic

Built in 1926, Dalian Catholic Church, also named Xi’an Street Catholic Church, is the only Catholic Church in Dalian. The church was first designed in Gothic style. It is mainly composed of the saint hall, and the west and east buildings. Today it is a historical building protected by Dalian government.
Chinese name: Dalian Tianzhu Jiaotang (大连天主教堂)
Location: 31, Xi’an Street, Xigang district, Dalian


3. Xinggong Street Church – Korean

3. Xinggong Street Church - Korean

Xinggong Street Church is a Christian Church for the Korean community residing in Dalian. The history of the church can be traced back to the colonial period. The new construction was finished in 2004. Besides, it is also the only surviving church in the original Manchurian residential region of Dalian.
Chinese name: Xinggongjie Jiaotang (兴工街教堂)
Location: Xinggong Street, Shahekou district, Dalian
Transportation: take bus No.6, 8, 10, 35, 201, 405, 503, 505, 514, 528, 532 or 705 and get off at Xinggongjie (Xinggong Street).


4. Beijing Street Church – Lutheran

4. Beijing Street Church - Lutheran

Built in 1913, also known as Cheng’en Church, Beijing Street Church is a former Lutheran Church supported by Danish Christians. It survived years of social turbulence. Services are open to anyone but the sermons are in Mandarin only.
Chinese name: Beijingjie Libaitang (北京街礼拜堂)
Location: 605, Changjiang Road, Xigang district, Dalian
Transportation: take bus No.201, 528 or 541 and get off at Beijingjie (Beijing Street).


5. Fengshou Road Church – Populace

5. Fengshou Road Church - Populace

Built in April 2003, Fengshou Road Church is a Christian Church of the populace. Though not located conveniently, the church attracts lots of committed followers on Sundays.
Chinese name: Fengshoulu Libaitang (丰收路礼拜堂)
Location: Fengshou Road, Ganjingzi district, Dalian


6. Dalian International Christian Fellowship – Prayer Sanctuary

6. Dalian ICF 30F Youhao - English with strong Korean blend

Founded on May 8, 2001 by Korean couple Pastor Theresa B. Jin and her husband Pastor James Jin. Originally met in various pubs and hotel venues before securing their own rented place of worship at the 30F of Youhao Mansion, Youhao Road, close to Youhao square on Zhongshan Road at the centre of Dalian City. For more information please visit their website on


More information about other churches not on this list will follow shortly. If you have any information about your church or another church not already listed please register and leave us a feedback – Thanks in advance!

To visualize the growth planned for the next phase of Dalian’s growing business and foreign expat communities – read this article and then comment on this article –

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